Aviation Construction

At Brandon, one of our areas of specialization is in the aviation industry. We have worked to develop Aviation Hangars, FBO Facilities and Transportation Terminals throughout the southeast. Aircraft Hangar designs are extremely diverse in size and design. From large to small, simple to complex, Brandon’s design team of architect and engineers from within our aviation division will work hand and hand to supply and construct your project to perfection while developing excellent working relationships with the various stakeholders.

Construction within an airport provides many challenges. Brandon has risen to meet those challenges again and again by providing up-front planning and integrated communication, both of which are crucial to the success of every project. We know the players, and pride ourselves on having the attention to detail and adaptability to operate successfully in such a unique operating environment! We’ve proven that we can effectively deal with the challenges of performing major construction work in this type of setting, while both the airline or concession and the airport itself continue to provide uninterrupted service to the public.