Brandon Commercial Development has been designing and building churches since 1996 offering complete architectural design services and construction management services. We build churches and religious facilities….and specialize in church buildings of all sizes and designs. We are dedicated to the belief that every church deserves its own original concept of design and function. This policy eliminates “stock” or “off-the-shelf” plans, which seldom provide adequate solutions to the individual needs of every church.”

We Build Churches

  • Serving pastors
  • Saving money
  • Absorbing the problems and pressures that occur during construction
  • Offering and coordinating services for every phase of the building process including designing, financing, building within the budget, scheduling and construction
  • Offering our expertise in order to help protect the church and the pastor during the building process
  • Giving churches a company with stability, honesty, and integrity they can trust
  • Providing first class buildings to our clients