Brandon Commercial Development partners directly with clients to deliver a project that meets or exceeds their objectives. Beginning at the pre-construction stage, Brandon’s team will define and manage all aspects of the project, including estimation, budgeting, project planning, scheduling and execution. Benefits of key services provided by Brandon Commercial Development during pre-construction include:

Our primary responsibility is to ensure that from Day One, the Client has the opportunity to make the best informed decisions possible. To accomplish this, we communicate with the owners’ representative to get a clear understanding of their expectations and to present decision ramifications for evaluation. A detailed cost estimate and construction schedule are discussed in depth.

Secondly, at Brandon we run smooth building programs. This is accomplished by compiling a list of all tasks necessary for project completion, and monitoring the performance of those tasks to maintain the project schedule. At Brandon, we understand that timely completion of the project is critical to your success.

Lastly, we control the project’s cost. This is done through cooperative meetings with Client’s architectural consultants to develop an acceptable budget, and then monitor and control the detailed breakdown of costs.

Collaboration: Brandon Commercial Development will collaborate and fully integrate with a design team on decisions that impact the final product; this ensures decisions with key implications further down the development time line can be informed earlier.

Cost-Efficiency: Cost-analysis and cost-control practices employed during design stage, including value engineering and analysis.